A Patient and Disciplined Approach

Tortuga Capital, LLC is a value-oriented investment management firm located in Fort Myers, Florida. As value investors, we seek long-term capital appreciation for our clients by actively identifying financial securities that are significantly mispriced relative to our appraisal of underlying business value. At Tortuga Capital, we consider ourselves “financial entrepreneurs” in that we purchase pro rata shares of publicly traded companies using the same analytical methods as sophisticated purchasers of entire businesses. We also invest our personal funds in the same strategies used to invest our client’s funds, eliminating an all-too-common conflict of interest between professional money managers and their clients.

We have observed that a true value-investing approach has little representation among the institutionally managed products available to most individual investors, largely due to the short-term, relative performance orientation by which most money managers are judged. We largely ignore short-term performance in favor of longer-term performance, viewing capital markets over short periods of time as barometers of investor sentiment rather than an accurate proxy for fundamental business values. In our view, short-term volatility creates opportunity for long-term focused investors. We seek clients with views similar to ours and offer our services to such “enterprising” investors.

Our name Tortuga, which is Spanish for turtle, is a reflection of our patient and focused approach. Contact us to learn more about our approach, investment principles and our team.